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A Survey of Diagnostic of Fuel Cell Stack Systems
PEM fuel Cell Modeling and Simulation via the Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Model
Fuel Cell diagnosis using Takagi-Sugeno Observer Approach
Drive systems with torsional load: versatile low-cost educational laboratory set-up
Using an industrial hardware target for Matlab generated real-time code to control a torsional drive system
i-MOCCA: Cross border cooperation in training for Engineers in Industrial Automation
Abstract— In this paper, a nonlinear observer based on a Takagi Sugeno approach is developed and applied to a PEMFCS (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stack) in the case of unmeasurable premise variables. The FC model focuses on the auxiliary elements associated to the stack. The challenge is to construct a TS fuzzy observer such that it can asymptotically estimate the states of the considered nonlinear systems despite the unmeasurable premise variables. The results are validated through the use of the professional software AMESim using a co-simulation with Matlab-Simulink.
ABSTRACT In this paper a model based state estimation is developed using the Mean Value Theorem with Bounded Jacobian. The case of additive perturbations is also treated. This method is afterwards applied to a Fuel Cell Stack System (FCSS). The main type of fuel cell on which this work is concentrated is the Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (Proton Exchange Membrane) that uses a Nafilon 117 membrane. The model presents some simplifications considering only pure Oxygen as input and also an ideal humidifying and cooling unit. The numerical problem of the disequilibrium between small mass values and big pressure values is resolved by constructing a symmetric system. Numerical results show the effectiveness of our approach. 1.
Abstract—As Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) have become more powerful, their use as a host for an online Model Predictive Controller (MPC) can be considered. In this paper, an online MPC controller has been implemented on a PLC. The resulting controller has been successfully tested for the tracking of reference temperatures in a pilot-scale binary distillation column. To this end, hardware-in-the-loop tests have been performed, before performing real experiments with the actual column. Two algorithms, i.e., the Hildreth and the qpOASES algorithm, have been used to solve online the Quadratic Programs (QPs) appearing in the MPC. It turns out that both algorithms can be hosted on a PLC. However, only the classic Hildreth algorithm has been found to be able to handle sufficiently large QPs (as the ones needed for the distillation column control), while allowing a relatively easy translation to a standard PLC programming language.